Broken drains are repaired, the road is cleared

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH:The issue of broken drains in Lorong Sungai Pari, Kampung Manjoi  often causes discomfort to local residents.

Especially if it rains, stagnant drain water will overflow onto the road and take several days to dry.

However, the proactive measures of local leaders and residents who often highlighted this problem finally found a solution.

This is when the Ipoh City Council (MBI) through its vendor, Puncak Emas Infra Sdn. Bhd. (PEISB) do repair work.

The reconstruction of the drain has already been carried out since last week and will solve the problems faced before.

Manjoi State Legislative Assembly Member, Hafez Sabri said, his party thanked MBI for the attention given.

According to him, the completion of these drain repair works will benefit the residents.

“From the beginning I and the villagers brought up this issue, followed up several times with the authorities and finally the repair work was carried out.

“In every available space, I will certainly bring the voice of the local people throughout Manjoi State Assembly for the benefit and good of the beloved community.

“Thank you to MBI and PEISB who are willing to listen to my complaint and the local community and solve this problem,” he said.

In the same development, work to clear the undergrowth has also been done in the Jalan Rebana bridge area.

This is a residents’ shortcut from Kampung Tengku Hussein to Kampung Sungai Tapah which was previously full of brigands that interfered with traffic and the safety of users here.

Assemblyman Hafez then acted to contact the authorities to carry out the cleaning work immediately.

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  1. Lorong Sg Pari is located inside Gugusan Manjoi, which is outside the jurisdiction of MBI. The local authority responsible for Gugusan Manjoi is the Kinta District Office.

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