The family is worried about being threatened by Ah Long after their child disappeared

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – A man’s act of borrowing money from an unlicensed moneylender or “Ah Long” caused trouble for his family when they were harassed after he disappeared.

His family, who live in Taman Desa Pengkalan, live in fear after being harassed by members of the money lending syndicate.

Her mother, who wants to be known as Khong, 54, said that she was threatened by Ah Long who wanted to burn down the house and throw excrement if she did not pay her son’s loan.

“My 31-year-old son was previously in debt for Ah Long and we have paid off a debt of more than RM5,000.

“My husband and I took eight to nine months to pay off the debt in instalments, but his bad habit of borrowing was repeated.

“He started borrowing 10 years ago and the habit was still done before he disappeared from home two years ago,” she said.

The woman was found while complaining about her problem at the Ipoh East Member of Parliament Community Service Centre.

The man’s disappearance caused his parents to be contacted by three money lending companies who demanded that they settle the debt.

“This includes several threats, causing me to make a statement in the press about the matter in addition to a report at the Pekan Baharu Police Station because I could not stand their harassment,” she said.

“I appeal to individuals who lend money not to disturb our family since we have not been in contact with our children for the past two years.

“Now I have no money to help him anymore.

“I also don’t know where my son is. I am worried that my and my husband’s lives will continue to be threatened,” she said.

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