Draw Hope and Inspiration from the Jalur Gemilang

By Yeap Ming Liong

Let us fortify our sense of patriotism and unity as we count down the days to our 66th National Day at the end of the month. The government has already issued a clarion call for all Malaysians to fly the Jalur Gemilang with pride. It is commendable to heed the advice.

However, the truth is we do not need any reminding to do so. The love should be from the heart. The nation has battled a few rocky past years. We are still recovering from the economic wounds left behind by the Covid-19 pandemic as we pick ourselves up again. Let us remind each other of our sense of patriotism and unity not only to country but to each other.

We must be united as Malaysians. The sense of togetherness is strong within Malaysians. It is this spirit that has taken us through thick and thin.

There will be instances where the spirit of unity we have fought hard to sustain will be tested. Do not let selfish individuals divide us.

Look towards the Jalur Gemilang for strength. Draw hope and inspiration from the flag waving majestically in the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Let the symbol of our nationhood and sovereignty serve as a guiding light and strength for us to face our challenges together.

In the same breath, I strongly remind Malaysians to be sensitive towards matters relating to the flying the flag. Do not fool around or make light of the Jalaur Gemilang if you are unsure of the dos and don’ts.

Please refer to the authorities such as the Information Department of Malaysia.

I would also like to call on Malaysians to remember and uphold the national principles. We all have a shared responsibility of promoting these principles which may very well be the pillars of progressiveness in nation-building.

Practice moderation, uphold these values and treat everyone with respect and kindness. Believe in the good of others, as we are all children of Malaysia. There is a shared objective of harmony, peace and unity.

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