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Prof. Gollanapalli Prasad on Embracing Gandhi's Vision

by Anne Das

In a world where the pursuit of purpose and harmony is an aspiration, a remarkable occasion stands before us. Prof. Gollanapalli Prasad, a distinguished scholar deeply entrenched in various Gandhian organizations and Sarvodaya Movements in India, is set to deliver a captivating discourse. Organized by Perak Academy, this enlightening presentation, titled “The Universal Relevance of Gandhi as a Principle of Life,” promises to delve into the profound wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi.

Meet Mr. Gollanapalli Prasad ~ A Visionary of Gandhian Principles

Mr. Gollanapalli Prasad emerges as an esteemed figure whose commitment to understanding and propagating Gandhi’s principles has shaped his illustrious career. Notably affiliated with Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Educational Institute at Stanford University, USA, and esteemed as a Visiting Gandhian Scholar at prestigious institutions, his influence extends across continents.

Mr. Prasad’s dedication transcends academic pursuits. His legacy is etched through impactful Sarvodaya Programmes that have touched lives across India, illuminating the transformative power of Gandhian philosophy. With influential roles held within the Gandhian movement for over five decades, he doesn’t just espouse the principles but embodies them.

In Mr. Prasad’s capable hands, education becomes a powerful tool for change. Over 50,000 students and youths across diverse universities have been enriched by his teachings on peace and non-violence. His impact extends further, as he skilfully guided students through the course “Gandhi, King, and Nonviolence” at Stanford University, culminating in a transformative immersion into the philosophy during a journey to India.

Prof. Prasad with Srikrishna Kulkarni, Great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

The year 2019 marked a significant milestone as Mr. Prasad orchestrated the groundbreaking Gandhi King Conference at Stanford University. This historic event united visionary minds, envisioning a world founded upon peace and nonviolence. Leading a distinguished delegation to the Nobel Peace Summit in Mexico and spearheading workshops on nonviolence underscored his role as a resolute global advocate for harmony and transformative change.

Registration Details:

To secure your spot, kindly contact Perak Academy via WhatsApp at 016-412 3724 or email at contact@perakacademy.com by 20th August 2023. Limited seating is available, so don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity.

Event Details

Day/Date      : Monday, 21st August 2023
Time              : 7.45pm
Venue            : Mamut Meeting Room, No. 1 Jalan Lasam, 30350, Ipoh

Brace yourself for an evening of enlightenment as Mr. Prasad breathes life into the timeless wisdom of Gandhi. Together, let’s explore the potential for a harmonious and purposeful life.

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