PORT apologises for the ‘extreme dance’ at the concert.

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari
Photo screenshot of viral video

IPOH: The management of the creative agency PORT (People of Remarkable Talents) explained that the incident of ‘extreme dancing’ by a few audience members during the UBS Band performance at the PORT FEST 2023 concert at Dataran Ipoh on Sunday night recently was something that was not intentionally arranged and was beyond the control of the organisers.

PORT through its statement said, the organisers apologise if the dance scene that is going viral, touches the sensitivity of some of the community.

“The method for organising the next concert is being studied so that such events can be avoided in the future,”.

Adding to the statement, PORT FEST 2023 which lasted for two days last Saturday and Sunday is a festival that is conducted to highlight various aspects of creative arts and culture.

The main purpose of the organisation is to give exposure and business opportunities to more than 300 artists in Perak.

The PORT FEST 2023 program successfully attracted around 20,000 visitors and generated financial benefits of approximately RM450,000 through the sale of food, beverages and creative art products, performance events, exhibitions and competitions as well as accommodation rentals.

Earlier, a video clip went viral on social media platforms of a few audience members doing extreme dance in a group while the concert was in progress in conjunction with the PORT FEST 2023 program.

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