Santai V.3 Bertanjak Program Expected to Attract Over 5,000 Visitors

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Ipoh: It is estimated that more than 5,000 people from various ethnicities will visit Kellie’s Castle on September 16, 2023, in conjunction with the Santai V.3 Bertanjak Program.

Zamari Muhyi, the General Manager of Kellie’s Castle, stated that the Santai V.3 Bertanjak Program is not only an annual event that receives support from various communities but also captures the attention of foreign tourists.

“Every year, in conjunction with Malaysia Day celebrations, the program of wearing the Tanjak and Malay traditional attire aims to strengthen Malay heritage.

“It also plays a role in preserving the uniqueness of traditional Malay clothing while enriching the Nusantara heritage through Malay attire, dance, martial arts, and traditional music.

“This program can also stimulate interest among the younger generation to wear the Tanjak not only on special occasions but also encouraged daily,” he told Ipoh Echo.

Tanjak, also known as Tengkolok or Destar, is a traditional male headgear in Malay culture. It is made from long ‘songket’ fabric, folded and tied in a specific style.

In the past, Tanjak was worn mainly at grand events such as royal ceremonies by royal family members and weddings by grooms.

The program, which will run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, will also be enlivened with side events such as heritage silat martial arts performances, traditional herbal medicine sales, kompang/rebana performances, Tanjak/clothing sales, and heritage dance performances.

“In 2019, approximately 3,000 people attended this program, while in 2020, the number of participants increased to 5,000, including foreign tourists.

“In 2021 and 2022, this event could not be held due to the Covid-19 crisis that swept the world at that time.

“I hope that this year, the number of visitors will increase, and I warmly welcome the public to come to Kellie’s Castle, and together, let’s revive the nostalgia of the old Malay era,” he said.

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