An Era Ends, But Its Legacy Continues

by KT Leong

On September 10, at the Ipoh City and Country Club, we witnessed the conclusion of an era for the Ave Maria Convent Alumni Association (AMCAA), as its 36 years tenure President, Madam Moy Ooi Thye, gracefully stepped down from her role.

However, we also saw the continuation of its legacy as Madam Chik Mun Ling, stepped up and assumed that presidency, alongside the induction and installation of AMCAA’s officers for 2023-2025.

As much as it was the beginning of a new era under a new president, it was also an acknowledgement and celebration of the decades of dedication and services rendered by Madam Chik’s predecessor, Madam Moy, who has been bestowed the role of Honorary Life Chairperson.

In the world of education, some individuals stand out not just for their academic achievements but for their unwavering dedication to their alma mater and society. Such is the case with Madam Moy Ooi Thye, one of the founders of the AMCAA. In AMCAA’s 41 year history, Madam Moy was president for 36 of those years.

In her speech, Madam Moy expressed her happiness with all AMCAA committee members, both past and present, for the support they have all given throughout the years, which have always been above and beyond.

And the proof is in the pudding, as the AMCAA had been conferred the Education Sustainability Award by the Nanyang Education Award 2022, signifying the excellence and commitment of its members. As well as demonstrating the appreciation and recognition from their alma mater, as it was their alma mater which had recommended and nominated them.

Madam Moy, herself also had received the Outstanding Service Award. (Individual Category)

Madam Moy is glad that on 20th  May 2017 and 20th May 2023, AMCAA had successfully organised its Association Anniversary cum Award presentation to Top Ten Inspirational & Outstanding AMCian at the Award Presentation Dinner. And from the surplus of the event, AMCAA had donated RM170,000 to her alma mater. In fact from Year 2017 to Year 2023, AMCAA had donated a total of RM526,477.57 to their alma mater.

It was thanks to these fundraising efforts that following the economic difficulties faced by some of the students as a result of the pandemic, that the AMCAA was able to help with the payment of tuition fees and even gifting computer tablets to those students in need.

She is happy that Madam Chik Mun Ling has finally agreed to take over the position as president and Madam Moy is confident that Madam Chik will lead the association to another milestone and to greater heights.

She hopes that the New Committee and future committee will continue every few years to organise the Award Presentation Dinner for the Top Ten Inspirational & Outstanding AMcian and will continue the yearly sponsoring for the students in need under the AMCAA Education Sponsorship programmes which was started during the Covid Outbreak.

She also expressed a hope that the AMCAA will organise a Ladies Camp, which was an idea that had been talking about since her own tenure but had not materialised yet. She feels that such camps would cultivate the skills and leadership qualities of those who attend, as well as create strong bonds between participating members.

Whether it is appreciating the past or looking out for the future, Madam Moy Ooi Thye is an AMCian through and through.

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