MBI to Undertake Improvements on Meru Raya-Klebang Road

By Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

IPOH – The issue of the Meru Raya-Klebang road, connecting Lebuh Chepor Utama 2 to Lebuh Klebang Putra, which has been deemed unsafe, has captured the attention of the Ipoh City Council (MBI).

In a statement released by MBI, the safety concerns raised by residents following the completion of the Meru-Klebang road, which involved the construction of a roundabout within the development scope of Scientex Corporation, have been acknowledged.

MBI has identified several safety issues and plans to implement corrective actions within a two-week timeframe.

The improvements will encompass road marking, the installation of warning signs, and the reconfiguration of road geometry to enhance road safety at the intersection.

A further study will be conducted for the proposed installation of traffic calming structures.

To address the issue of illegal racing, the MBI will collaborate with the Polis DiRaja Malasyia (PDRM) to carry out periodic operations.

Recently, Ipoh Echo reported complaints from three nearby residents’ associations regarding the road’s safety issues, which have been endangering the nearby residents.

Razkhi Rayman, 56, the Chairman of the Taman Meru Perdana 2 Residents’ Association, Lanes 16 – 26, expressed his concern that the road’s construction did not meet safety standards.

The new road, considered a ‘main shortcut,’ has witnessed several accidents due to the lack of safety features in its design.

Consequently, he urged the responsible parties, including the State Government, Ipoh City Council (MBI), and the developers, to step in and address the issues that could jeopardize road users’ lives.

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