‘MagiK’ Film Dedicated to the Deaf Community

By: Rosli Mansor

IPOH – The film ‘magiK’, a blend of drama, family, and fantasy genres, has successfully delved into the inner conflicts of the hearing-impaired and shed light on bureaucratic issues within the community.

The director, Yasu Tanaka, and his wife, Bea Tanaka, from the production company 42nd Pictures Sdn Bhd, expressed that this special screening of the film offers a unique experience to rural communities, including the hearing-impaired, enabling them to connect with the movie more intimately.

“We are very excited to interact directly with the audience present at this special screening. PORT is the sixth location, and it has received positive feedback from the audience,” said Yasu Tanaka.

“MagiK is my second directorial venture, and it goes beyond the story of a deaf girl who can communicate with fireflies. It also addresses several community issues, including environmental conservation, bureaucracy, and education.

“The idea for magiK came to me during a visit to Kampung Kelantan, Kuala Selangor, where I encountered fireflies. This idea was combined with my wife’s (Bea) experiences of working with the deaf community for a long time, along with my interest in the natural environment.

“MagiK” emphasizes the internal conflicts of a deaf girl in a family that relies on nature as their livelihood,” he shared with Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic.

Meanwhile, Bea added that her 15 years of experience as a special education teacher for the hearing impaired sparked her husband’s (Yasu Tanaka) interest in creating this film.

“This film was developed from my experience as an educator for deaf children. This special screening version includes ‘closed captions’ to make it easier for the hearing-impaired audience,” she explained.

“Thanks to PORT Ipoh for sponsoring the screening for two days, and we are delighted to collaborate with the Deaf Association of Perak to watch this special screening together,” she added.

“MagiK features an impressive cast, including Beto Kusyairy, Nadia Aqilah, Nam Ron, Ruminah Sidek, Roy Azman, Kamarul Eqifshah, and the young star Qisya Hairulzain.

MagiK Synopsis:

The story follows Kit, a 7-year-old deaf girl living in a village known for its fireflies. Her parents struggle with financial issues, as her father works as a boatman who takes tourists to see the fireflies. Kit’s mother wants her to learn sign language and go to school, but Kit is reluctant to communicate with the public, as she prefers to live in her world surrounded by nature.

However, everything changes when Kit encounters a firefly that seems to communicate with her, flashing and flying uniquely.

The special screening of “magiK” has already begun in several locations, including Warung Adri, Kuantan, Pahang; Pantai Telaga Papan, Setiu, Terengganu; Space08000, Sungai Petani, Kedah; Kuala Lumpur; YMCA, Georgetown, Penang; PORT, Ipoh, Perak, and Embrace Hall, Johor Bahru, Johor.

“MagiK” will be released in cinemas nationwide on November 30, 2023.

Renowned Malaysian actor Beto Kusyair, who plays the role of a boatman and Kit’s father, emphasized that he never limits the roles he takes and is more concerned with the director’s message.

“The character I portrayed is a real-life character in society, and it allowed me to approach and understand how a father cares for a deaf child. It was a very enlightening experience for me,” he said.

“This film has been crafted and produced with love. I encourage everyone to watch this film to get closer to and understand the world of a deaf child, in addition to enjoying it as a family entertainment,” he concluded.

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