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Theater ‘Keringat Dabus Tanjung Bidara’ Safeguards the Legacy of Perak’s Dabus Art

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Ipoh – The theatrical performance of ‘Keringat Dabus Tanjung Bidara’ (KDTB) has successfully revitalized the traditional art of Perak’s Dabus, which dates back over 300 years. The script of KDTB is adapted from the true story of the Dabus Tanjung Bidara group in Kampung Gajah, Perak, by its director, Ramdan Misnon.

KDTB narrates the struggle of the traditional art group to preserve the culture and performance art of Perak’s Dabus tradition, inherited through generations, to ensure its continued existence within society and for future generations, steering clear of extinction.

The narrative conflict arises when they lose a “Khalifah” (performance leader), the heart and soul of the group.

Nur Atiqah Nabilah Mohamad Fidrossham, one of the main characters, deserves praise for effectively portraying the role of Yong Imah, the daughter of Pak Seteh. Nur Atiqah Nabilah can deeply understand and embody the character, bringing authenticity to the emotions and experiences of the character.

Her ability to play with the audience’s emotions is evident during the death of her father (Pak Seteh). The sincerity of her emotions elicits sympathy from the audience mourning the death of Pak Seteh.

Her mastery of the Perak Malay dialect adds another layer to her performance, utilizing pronunciation, intonation, and the use of words that are not commonly practised by the present generation.

Special mention also goes to the supporting roles of Muney played by Mustaqim Rosli, Pak Deman (Aizat Mansor), and Pak Seteh (Fahmi Radzi) for successfully capturing the hearts of the audience.

The appearance of the character Wan Lerah, supported by Datin Anne Zahuren, adds a delightful touch to the theatre. Her experience in theatre as a director, scriptwriter, and actress makes the character of Wan Lerah genuine and occasionally brings humour to the audience.

This is the strength and uniqueness that Ramdan Misnon aims to convey through KDTB, in addition to delivering a message to preserve the legacy of Perak’s traditional Dabus art.

The staging of KDTB is an initiative by the Pertubuhan Seni Kayangan Perak (PESKAP) in collaboration with the Perak State Government to uplift the Dabus art in the state.

The performance of “Keringat Dabus Tanjung Bidara” takes place on November 10 and 11, 2023, at 8:30 PM, at the Auditorium of the Department of Culture and Arts, Perak (JKKN), Ipoh.

Tickets can be obtained through the link or via the social media pages of Pertubuhan Seni Kayangan Perak at and

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