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Gerik is no longer gloomy, local-themed murals brighten the atmosphere

By Aida Aziz
Credit Photo: Syal Sepehee

GERIK: The surroundings of Gerik town have been cheerily transformed with the presence of murals and paintings that vividly adorn the walls and buildings.

The highlighted mural choices also showcase traditional food, culture, and topics closely related to Gerik, especially fermented fish, Loma fish, Royal Belum Stopover, and interesting tourist locations.

Through Facebook, Syal Sepehee, a mural painting service, stated that their team was given the task of completing these murals by the Gerik District Council.

She mentioned that it coincides with Visit Perak Year 2024, which has already started attracting domestic and international tourists.

She added that there were many challenges and constraints in terms of time and weather during the mural painting project.

“In conjunction with Visit Perak Year 2024, we were assigned to complete several wall paintings around Pekan Gerik by the Gerik District Council.

“Thanks to all parties involved directly and also to the generous residents around Pekan Gerik who always share food and drinks with our team.

“Hopefully, our paintings will be well-received by the local residents and tourists, even though they may not be perfect in the eyes of everyone. We did our best within time constraints and unpredictable weather,” she said in the post.

Meanwhile, the public gave positive feedback on the murals.

Nas Ismail commented, “Very beautiful… Gerik is cheerful again after a decade of gloom.”

Fadzil Sidek said that the artistic results can be enjoyed not only by Gerik residents but also by visitors from outside.

Azym Azizi also wrote, “Thank you for beautifying Gerik again; we can take a leisurely stroll around the town after this,”.

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