Storms and flash floods affect several districts in Perak

By Aida Aziz
Photo JBPM Perak & APM Perak

IPOH: Several areas in the state were hit by flash floods and storms following continuous heavy rain since Wednesday afternoon.

According to Sabarodzi Nor Ahmad, Assistant Director of Operations for the Perak Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM), the affected areas include the districts of Kinta, Perak Tengah, and Manjung.

He said that the flash floods in Kampung Simpang 3, Buluh Akar in Parit affected five families.

“The flash flood, with a depth of 1 meter and affecting five houses, prompted the evacuation of the victims to a safe place,” he said last night.

Additionally, he mentioned that the flooding in Taman Cempaka here had an estimated depth of 0.2 meters; however, no evacuations were carried out.

It is understood that the high rainfall caused the drainage systems and rivers to overflow onto the main roads in the area.

“Firefighters are only monitoring the situation until the water fully recedes,” he said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Kinta District Operations Control Center (PKOD) reported that a storm occurred in Pengkalan Pegoh.

The incident on Wednesday afternoon caused damage to several houses, with roofs being blown off by the wind.

“However, so far, no temporary evacuation centers (PPS) have been opened,” he said.

Additionally, he noted that Kampung Tualang in Beruas was also hit by flash floods, with several houses inundated.

“Currently, the water level is under control, but if the rain continues, it is highly likely that the water will rise again,” he added.

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