Empowering Our Community Through Dyslexia Awareness

By Anne Das

The recent Seminar and Workshop on Understanding Dyslexia held at the Brother Liborius Auditorium, Hospital Fatimah, was a resounding success, attracting nearly 100 participants, including educators, parents, and healthcare professionals.

Hosted by the Rotary Club of Greentown in collaboration with Hospital Fatimah, Dyslexia Genius, and the Malaysian Medical Association Perak Branch, the event aimed to raise awareness and foster a deeper understanding of dyslexia.

The seminar featured insightful presentations from Dr. Jaldeen Mohd Ali, an educational psychologist from Dyslexia Genius, who shared his expertise on the identification and support of children with dyslexia.

Dr. Shan Narayanan, a resident paediatrician at Hospital Fatimah, further emphasised the journey of an individual with dyslexia, sharing a story to highlight clinical challenges and the positive outcomes of early intervention.

In the afternoon, concurrent workshops were held for teachers and parents. Dr. Bulan Ayu, a dyslexic academic and researcher with expertise in educational experiences of dyslexic students, and Cik Nur Amirah Abdul Halim, a specialist teacher in dyslexia with a degree in Psychology, led these practical sessions.

Participants were equipped with hands-on strategies and practical skills to support dyslexic children in both educational and home settings. Attendees praised the workshops for enhancing their knowledge and understanding of dyslexia.

The organisers were delighted by the enthusiastic participation and are committed to furthering awareness and acceptance of dyslexia in the community. Dr. Shan Narayanan, Organizing Committee Chairman and member of the Rotary Club of Greentown, expressed his gratitude to all participants and affirmed the club’s continued commitment to supporting educational initiatives.

For information about the event or future seminars, contact Dr. Shan Narayanan @016- 5940321.

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