Quality Service in Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital

Last month, I went to Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital in Ipoh because I had a urinary tract problem. I was quickly attended by doctors, staff nurses and staff of this hospital. However, the treatment given to me did not improve. So, I was referred to Mr Bazel Arputharaj, surgeon who saw my condition and he quickly ordered his assistants to remove the present CBD (Catheter Bladder Drainage) and changed to a bigger one. Now I’m still on this and feel more comfortable than before (that is, no more pain). I’ll be following this treatment until the CBD is removed and I can urinate as usual. I am on the road to recovery.

The treatment I get from this hospital is very good and I owe my gratitude and thanks to this humble and caring surgeon and the hard working staff Nurses and staff including Dato’ Dr Chandran. They are always on their toes to offer their services to sick people like me. I’m also fortunate to have a dedicated wife, retired staff nurse Chanika Letchimanan, who devotes her whole life looking after me. She is 72 years of age and I’m 76. This hospital is really special to me because I was suffering from cancer before and because of the tender care given to me, I’m still alive. Thanks to these dedicated people of this hospital, I’m waiting anxiously to go out and continue my charitable service to humankind.

Apart from this, Mr John Jacob and his assistant rendered prompt service by helping out the sick and handicapped people by providing wheelchairs. All and all, the services rendered by these officers, matrons and staff are commendable including the ambulance service from Velodrome Rakyat to the hospital (to & fro) by those going for treatment, as parking is a hazardous task at the hospital compound. Driver of these vehicles are very courteous and helpful.

The government must look into the welfare of these dedicated officers and staff and come up with some incentives for them.

K. Letchimanan

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