Restricting Illegal Sand Mining

The Perak Sand Management Command Centre, established in September 2014, is an initiative of MB Incorporated’s Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Aminudin Hashim in cooperation with the Perak Land and Mines Department to combat sand theft which has impacted the state revenue. With the command centre, there would be monitoring of flat-bed lorries by closed-circuit television, telegrams via the more systematic E-docket management.

On Thursday, July 30, MB Incorporated held a press conference and demonstrated how the management system works at the Perak Techno Trade Centre. Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon, the Executive Councillor for Health, Transportation and Non-Islamic Affairs, Syed Rofli Syed Ahmad, director of the command centre, Dato’ Rashidi Ibrahim, Adun for Pasir Panjang and Kesavan Subramaniam, Adun for Hutan Melintang were present.

During the press conference, Dato’ Mah announced that forthwith all sand mining operators would be issued both the 4C and K3 permits. The 4C permit is a mandatory permit while K3 enables them to sell sand out of the state. However, if the operators could provide proof, in the form of invoice that they are selling the sand within the state, a rebate for the K3 permit would be given.

The other measure is the endorsement of the usage of 26-tyre tipping lorry, instead of the current 14-tyre lorry in the state. Sand operators would have to pay royalty for every metric tonne they carry.

A total of RM6 million in royalty had been successfully collected from sand operators from January to July this year compared to RM480,000 collected from the last quarter of 2014.

“Plus, there is a suggestion to set up a new mechanism or docket to assist sand operators and concessionaires involved in special projects in the state, such as the West Coast Expressway,” said Mah. He lauded the establishment of the command centre which is being acknowledged by the National Audit Department as an exemplary model for other states to follow.

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