KinderJoy’s 20th Graduation Concert

Tadika KinderJoy organised its 20th Graduation Concert on Saturday, October 15 at Dewan Leong Wan Chin in Perak Girls’ School, Ipoh. It started at 3pm.

A total of a hundred parents and guardians attended to witness their children graduating from preschool. The graduation certificates were awarded by the Perak Education Department Head of Special and Private Education Sector, Aznan Haji Alias.

KinderJoy has a total number of 96 students, divided into five classes, which are named Donald Duck, Aladdin, Bambi, Tweetie and Garfield.

Apart from that, 18 former students were awarded the “High Achiever Award” for their dedication in co-curricular activities and excellence in academics.

“KinderJoy is committed to providing care and education in a safe, healthy and responsive environment. They have a team of professionally trained, dedicated and caring teachers to help the children learn to play, work and live in unison,” said Aznan.

He stated that KinderJoy has gained the Perak Education Department’s recognition as a Model Kindergarten and deserves to be looked up to in every aspect.

“It would have been impossible without the parents’ support and cooperation. I believe that each of you have chosen the right path and I assure you that your children are in good hands,” he continued.

Upon ending the ceremony, a performance entitled “Our Happy Days Through the Years” was presented by the children. They were dressed in colourful costumes, bringing smiles to their family, teachers and everyone present.

Luqman Hakim

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