Speed Humps Required


Residents are appealing to Ipoh City Council to immediately build two speed humps along Jalan Rapat Baru in Taman Taufik, Gunong Rapat for the safety of road users.

Over a thousand vehicles use the road daily, especially during peak hours. And this is compounded by lorries plying the route, as the area is located near the Kinta Light Industrial Zone.

Jamail Mat Diah, 59, had witnessed many fatal accidents involving motorists and pedestrians over a span of two years from his roadside stall nearby.

Once his nasi lemak stall was almost rammed by a motorist trying to avoid a motorcycle which exited a junction suddenly.

“The real culprits are the lorry drivers. They would speed along the route towards the industrial area. The road is their shortcut to avoid the traffic jam along the main road.

“I have lost count the number of times I’ve helped accident victims. It’s worrying as such accidents happen every week, some minor some major,” he said.

Jamil hoped that the problem would be attended to by the relevant authorities. He could not bear to see people getting injured on a daily basis.

Adun for Sungai Rapat, Radzi Zainon said that the road is dangerous as it is straight and bends as it approaches the traffic lights on the main road.

“The 1km road is close to the housing area and there are no speed humps to discourage speeding. This is a serious matter that requires immediate action by those concerned,” he added.

The area in question is the meeting point between industry and housing, connecting Taman Seri Rapat, Taman Lapangan Lagenda, Taman Seri Berjaya and Taman Soong Choon.

Rosli Mansor

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