The risks of laser surgery

About Lasik

By Dr Lee Mun Toong

10. Technical supervision

Before FemtoLasik® is performed, a total of 14 mathematical values are taken of the eye. In order to avoid mistakes, a technician is present during the operation who monitors the laser technique and related equipment, ensuring that the mathematical values measured from the patient during the preliminary exam are correctly inputted into the laser’s computer. The technician operates and supervises the devices, thereby allowing the physician to personally concentrate on the operation and patient. Before surgery, the physician and technician will further confirm the values inputted.

Dos and Don’ts after FEMTO LASIK Surgery

What to Do After FEMTO- LASIK

  • Do have a driver arranged to bring you home after your surgery.
  • Do go home and rest.  It is suggested that you darken your room and lie down to nap for several hours, if possible.
  • Do expect to have some discomfort after your procedure. Your surgeon may suggest some EYE REST OR PAIN KILLER to take the edge off any discomfort.
  • Do plan to remain at home resting for the remainder of the day.
  • Do follow all the post-operative instructions set by your surgeon regarding the use of moisture drops, antibiotic drops and other medications for the next several days.
  • Do keep all of your post-operative follow up appointments with your doctor. It is important that you are monitored as you heal from your surgery. Although you may not notice any issues or feel any discomfort, your doctor may notice something which might become an issue in the future. Although rare, it is always best to treat any possible complications early.

What Not to Do After LASIK

  • Do not drive on the day of your surgery
  • Do not go into smoky or dusty environments.  Although you may feel terrific the next day, do not decide to clean out your basement or garage.  Likewise, wait a week or two to work outside raking leaves or doing work in the yard.  The dirt and debris in the air can interfere with healing. If you have a job that requires working in such environments, discuss this with your OCC LASIK doctor.
  • Do not go into a hot tub or swim right away.  Your doctor will suggest a specific date when you can enjoy these activities again.
  • Do not rub or scratch your eyes while you are healing.
  • LASIK has become one of the most popular elective surgeries for a reason. The recovery time is amazingly quick and there is virtually almost no pain or discomfort during surgery . It is the solution for those wanting to be free of their glasses or contacts.
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