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Vegan Life

I usually avoid vegetarian restaurants like the plague, not because I’m an avid carnivore but because of the tendency especially in Chinese ones to use an excessive amount of MSG. So when Vivien Lian, who is assisting me in research for my new Foodie Guide (watch this space), told me about Vegan Life, I was very dubious and hesitant about going.

Well my fears were allayed as Vegan Life really truly does not use MSG and I had a delightful meal there recently. Not only do they not use MSG but as it is strictly vegan, there is no onion,no milk, no garlic, no honey, no ‘fake meat’, no white sugar and no white salt in their food.

Vegan Life IpohVegan Life IpohThe menu is quite extensive with most menu items priced between RM9.99 to RM12.99 with a few special ones that go slightly higher, the highest being the Claypot Mushroom at RM18.99.

The Tofu Satay was excellent, crispy tofu chunks served with a satay sauce that was seasoned perfectly, not too sweet as most satay sauces tend to be, served with a chiffonade of cucumber – RM12.99Asam Laksa was yummilicious with mushroom, tofu, seaweed, lettuce, torch ginger, bean sheets and topped with fried shallots. The broth was very umami, with seaweed instead of the usual fishbase – RM10.99. They also have a whole selection of soupy dishes from Bak Kut Teh (with mushrooms and bean sheets instead of meat), to Tom Yum and Curry Mee.

Their noodle dishes were equally delectable, having tried their Spicy Fried Spaghetti, which was al dente, with mixed mushroom and packs quite a bite – RM11.99 and the Indonesian Fried Spicy Noodles which again was tangy and spicy using rice vermicelli (meehoon) and permeated with the fragrance of fresh bunga kantan or torch ginger flower – RM9.99.

Vegan Life Ipoh

Vegan Life is certainly one vegetarian restaurant I shall return to over and over, knowing that I will not have a MSG reaction after the meal as well as feel so virtuous!

Vegan Life
25 Jalan Medan Ipoh 7, Bandar Medan Ipoh, Ipoh.
Tel: 012 566 6044
Business hours: 11.30-4pm; 6pm-9pm | Closed Wednesdays
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