Free Biryani

Over 200 Ipohites gathered at Masjid India Muslim, Ipoh on Thursday, May 24 to receive free biryani rice in conjunction with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The event has become a norm for Ipohites, entering its fourth consecutive year now.

It was organised by Persatuan India Muslim Perak (PRIM) and was well received by Ipohites who find the food delicious.

Society president, Mohamed Arib Aliah, said the objective was to enliven the spirit of Ramadan and to spread the festive goodness.

“When we first started, we gave away only 500 packets. Over time, the number had increased. This year we prepared 2000 packets.

“I’m sorry some did not receive their share due to the unexpected crowd. We’ll prepare more next year. Perhaps, 3000 packets, insya allah (God willing).

“I wish to thank our sponsor Nasi Kandar Padang Kota RTC Gopeng, the food was prepared by the restaurant whose owner is an active member of our society,” said Mohammed Arib.

Mohamed Arib opted for biryani instead of the traditional bubur lambuk, as it is the Indian Muslim community’s speciality.

“Biryani is our trademark and preparing in our very traditional way is our forte,” he remarked. The event will be repeated next year in the month of Ramadan. Mohamed has assured that there will be enough biryani for all and sundry.

Luqman Hakim

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