Yesterday Once More

Saturday, March 24 was “Yesterday Once More” for 13 former students of the Government English School (GES), Gopeng. Eleven of the participants were in Primary One in 1955, during British-ruled Malaya.

They were Simon, the organiser, YK Tang, Siva, Angeline, George, Peter, Veronica, BM Leong, Sook Mee, Irene, Elizabeth, SF Cheong and Dino. Simon, BM Leong and George brought their spouses with them.

Peter suggested the idea of the gathering when he visited YK Tang and Simon in Kuala Lumpur last year. Although some had not communicated with one another for over 50 years, everyone remembered each other.

After a few suggestions, it was unanimously decided that they meet up for lunch in Ipoh, as it was centrally located and convenient for those in the north and south.

After weeks of planning and a numerous phone calls, the day finally arrived. The joy on their faces was truly priceless. Everyone was transformed, almost magically, into that era. A floodgate, of pent-up emotions of 50 years was released.

It was indeed “Yesterday Once More” for the Gopeng GES classmates of 1955 to 1960.

Get-togethers should be widely encouraged. Life is short; meeting old friends and reminiscing about the good old days is good for the heart and soul. The next old students of GES Gopeng get together will be on the March 24, 2019. Please contact for further information.

Simon Nair

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