PCCCI New Lineup

The installation ceremony gala dinner of Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI) 59th central committee cum 5th youth committee 2018/2021 was held on Thursday, June 21 at WEIL Hotel.

“We’ve a very strong team of corporate leaders leading PCCCI, holding key positions and certainly they can play a very important role in improving the image and status of PCCCI,” said Dato’ Liew Sew Yee, president of PCCCI.

“We’ll also work closely with the business community of different races to boost the racial harmony and unity. Together, we aim to raise the standard of business entities regardless of ethnic background, especially the SME industries, which constitute more than 90 percent of businesses in Perak,” he added.

Witnessing the ceremony were Dato’ Lim Kok Cheong, Life Honorary President of Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) and PCCCI, Tan Sri Ter Leong Yap, President of ACCCIM and Nga Kor Ming, Chairman of DAP Perak.

“I’d like to commend the contribution from PCCCI, including their members, to Tabung Harapan Malaysia which has exceeded RM5 million. PCCCI has shown an exemplary example in displaying the spirit of patriotism,” Nga Kor Ming told Ipoh Echo.

Below are some of the newly-elected team members:

Deputy President: Dato’ Liew Chee Ming

Vice Presidents: Dato’ Seri Desmond Loh Chee Yau, Steven Yow Thin Chin, Dato’ Ng Yok Gee

Secretary General: Low Heng Keat

Treasurer: Joseph Tan Huang Kew

Head of Economy Affairs: Lai Weng Keong

Head of External Affairs: Ken Yap Kean Lye

Head of Welfare Officer: Chuah Seong Kok


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