Vision Home Producing Fertiliser

Vision Home in Taman Rishah recently started a project to produce fertiliser from food waste to generate income for the home. Asher Amos, manager of the home said that this project was started about three months ago and they now produce more than 100kg of fertiliser per week.

Amos informed that the idea of producing fertiliser came about after seeing the amount of food waste being disposed by the home. They bought a machine that could convert food waste into fertiliser. In addition to the food waste they also use fish and chicken waste which they get for free. The product has been sent to laboratory for testing and elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and others are within specification.

Amos added that all the work in producing and packing is done by the residents in the home. The product is sold in 1kg packets and 50kg for bulk orders. Being new to the business they lack marketing expertise. The 1kg packet costs RM15 and mainly sold to walk-in customers.

Vision Home was started in year 2000 and has 30 residents whose ages range from five to 17 years and they are all schooling. The funding for the home is mainly from walk-in donors.

The aim of the home is to expand the fertiliser business so that it can be self-supporting. Amos said he is not a businessman and needs advice and support from the public on how to operate the business professionally. For further information call Amos 017 300 0193.

This is a good initiative by Vision Home. Instead of depending on funding from the government and well-wishers, homes and NGOs should try to generate their own income.

A. Jeyaraj

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