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Rukun Tetangga Malaysia’s version of Neighbourhood Watch should organise activities that can help generate income for the local economy.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (National Constitution and National Integration), Datuk Dr Md Farid bin Md Rafik told Ipoh Echo that besides organising normal social community programmes, some income-generating programmes should be considered.

He said this during a Rukun Tetangga art and craft workshop at Kampung Dato’ Ahmad Said Tambahan Dua on Friday, February 15.

According to Farid, such programmes not only generate income but help develop the local economy.

“Rukun Tetangga is a perfect platform to unite citizens of various races, religions and political-leaning. It helps unify the community,” he said.

For the record, some 8100 registered neighbourhood watches are found throughout the country.

“The government supports such entrepreneurship programmes in the hope that they’ll change people’s lives for the better. They’d be more hardworking and motivated to reach greater heights, as well as develop an independent attitude that leads to self-sustainability,” he added.

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