Kinta Valley Geopark

The declaration of Kinta Valley as a national geopark has enhanced the intrinsic value of this Perak tourism icon.

Tan Kar Hing, Executive Councillor for Tourism, Arts and Culture, said that Geopark is a geological heritage site which is being developed to conserve the state’s tourism sector.

“It’s not limited to geological heritage alone but encompasses elements of biodiversity, archaeology, history, arts and culture.

“Kinta Valley Geopark can be the pioneer in eco-tourism, geo-tourism, educational activities and international research which in turn will help promote Perak to the nation and the world in line with the entity’s development concept as defined by UNESCO,” he said.

Kinta Valley Geopark stretches into the Kinta and Kampar districts, the administration area of Ipoh City Council, Batu Gajah District Council and Kampar District Council. It is approximately 1952 sq km in size.

There are 18 geo-sites namely, Gunung Panjang, Gua Tambun, Gunung Datok, Gunung Rapat, Lata Ulu Chepor, Gunung Kanthan, Gunung Lang, Hutan Lipur Ulu Kinta, Gunung Tasek, Mata Air Panas Lubuk Timah, Gua Naga Mas, Air Terjun Sungai Chelik, Jeram Papan, Gua Kandu, Gua Tempurung, Jeram Sungai Kampar, Air Terjun Sungai Salu, Air Terjun Batu Berangkai and Gunung Korbu.

According to Tan Kar Hing, a huge portion of the designated area has been developed as a recreational hub receiving an overwhelming response from both local and foreign tourists.

“Visitors to the park will have a good chance of seeing the uniqueness of the state’s endemic flora and fauna and its ecosystem. Besides being a conserved heritage site, it’s knowledge waiting to be unravelled,” he added.

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