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Nosh News: Tamara’s

SeeFoon gets news on her two Favourite Eateries.

Firstly that Tamara’s has discontinued serving breakfasts. I noted this with a sigh as I was looking forward to bringing my son to sample their choice of Apom, both sweet and savoury.

Harish Kumar, amiable chef and proprietor was bemoaning the fact that the breakfasts were so popular that without more help, he simply couldn’t cope and therefore had to stop the breakfast for the time being.

So he is now concentrating on his superb lunch spread and putting out more specials to add to his already wide repertoire. (See Ipoh Echo issue 285, July 16, 2018, online at

Adding crab to his menu is a plus point. Spicy and fully capable of making food connoisseurs swoon at the merest mention of its name, the Jaffna Style Crab Curry is simply a yummilicious treat. Using local mud crabs, Jaffna style is a dry curry with the paste clinging to the shell and filling the carapace, the taste is different from usual Indian style crab curry.

With a host of spices and mustard seeds, tamarind, drumstick or moringa leaves, and special Jaffna curry powder, the result is (to borrow a famous tagline) “finger licking good” . . . because you have to use your hands to enjoy this; RM35/45/55 S/M/L.

And if mud crab isn’t your thing, try their sea crab soup for RM5 per portion.

Another new special is their Tuna Fish Cakes, round balls of albacore tuna spiced and mixed with potato and deep fried; RM2.30 each. Also, their Shark Puttu is highly sought after and quite an occasional treat as shark meat is not so common these days. Minced shark meat mixed with shallots, chillies and a host of other spices. Eaten as an accompaniment; RM7.

Eat all these with Vegetable Biryani at RM7 per serving. And not forgetting all their wonderful salads like pegaga, moringa, eggplant or brinjal salad and of course, their unforgettable Ghee Roasts curry of either chicken or lamb.

Most of these specials are offered interchangeably with Crabs and Tuna Puttu only on Saturdays. Do call ahead to find out what

Harish has for specials for the day.

36 Persiaran Greenhill, Ipoh.
Tel: 012 642 8821
Business hours: 11.30-3.30pm; Sundays closed.
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