Pangkor Island – Sun, Sand and Sea

By Rosli Mansor

Pulau Pangkor is one of the country’s top 3S popular tourist destinations where you can experience nature at its best. It is a place where the combination of sun, sand and sea is not only complete but profound.

Exciting water activities include the not-to-be-missed stroll along Pasir Bogak Beach. One gets to see marine creatures such as sea cucumbers, sea urchins and coral thriving in rock pools. One of the pools is touted as the largest natural pool in the world. In between tides and when not hampered by torrential rain, the water is calm and placid.

Watch firsthand as fishermen return to shore with their catch at the Sungai Pinang Kecil Jetty. Of interest is the tedious collection of anchovies.

A night at Anjungan Beach Resort in Teluk Nipah will leave one with an impressionable experience. The distinct chirps of the free-flying Great Hornbills are a joy to the ears. It is as if they are ushering in your arrival.

Unwind at Teluk Nipah beach while waiting for your barbecued seafood from Tam and Edy food stall.

Head for Nipah Deli to savour its mouth-watering local dishes and steamboat.

If you long for grilled lobsters, Dandy’s Café is the place. For a side order, ask for mango salsa. The sounds of lapping waves will tempt you to eat more.

And upon leaving the island take home some locally-produced seafood products such as the blue-eyed anchovies and dried cuttlefish. Prices are very affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Anjungan Beach Resort: 05 685 1500
Facebook: anjunganresortpangkor
Instagram: anjunganresortpangkor
Chef Chia Nipah Deli: 011 2424 5323
Chef Sham Daddy’s: 017 598 4173
Tam & Edy: 010 789 3362
Pangkor Nature Guides: Matt 013 444 4655

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