Knee Pain Seminar

By Rosli Mansor

The “Pain-Free Walk and Seminar on Knee Pain” programme organised by Ipoh Pantai Hospital at Polo Ground recently saw over 300 participants. Among them were members of the Perak Senior Citizens’ Association, Government Retirees’ Association and Kilat Club.

The programme started with attendees walking around Polo Ground followed by a health seminar by Dato’ Dr S. Vasan, orthopaedic surgeon for Pantai Hospital.

Executive Councillor for Human Resources and Health, A. Sivanesan said that the objective of the walk was to manage knee pain and to improve the overall well-being of Ipohites.

“Individuals today that reach their 40s start suffering from knee pain,” he added. “Some of the contributors to knee pain are an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise.”

“The government welcomes more programmes of this kind in the future,” said Sivanesan.

Government Retirees’ Association committee member, Puziah Abd Wahab told Ipoh Echo that 75 of their members took part in the programme.

“It’s helpful especially for those suffering from knee joint pains because there are no known cures for the ailment,” she added.

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