Pangkor a Recreational and Shopping Paradise

Pangkor Island, known for its blue-eyed anchovies-based products, stepped into a new paradigm since it became a duty-free island (PBC) in January this year.

The PBC status attracted much more tourists to Pangkor which offers not only clean, beautiful and peaceful island scenery, but also historical remains to be explored.

Few duty-free business premises have been operative, mainly Laris Duty Free Pangkor, Cokelat Laris and CK Duty Free, among others.

The most attractive though, was shopping in CK Duty Free. Its strategic location just next to the lobby of Pangkor Coral Bay Resort in Pasir Bogak is convenient for the public to visit.

Shopping in CK Duty Free is nearly similar to being in a duty-free business premise in Langkawi Island. Other than common products like chocolates and perfumes, there are also tableware and kitchenware products offered at unexpectedly low price rates.

A day trip to Pangkor, which is also known for its famous traditional dishes like laksa mee and cucur ikan (fish-based fritters), isn’t complete without a visit to the Dutch Fort in Teluk Gadung.

The fort was built circa 1670, which was made a storage for tin ores and traded goods from Perak by the Dutch.

Masjid Al-Badr Seribu Selawat is worth a visit as well, also known as Masjid Terapung (floating mosque), which highlights 1,000 Salawat, a Quranic calligraphy, and wall decorations with Perak’s identity.

It’s no wonder why Pangkor is the main choice for a tourism destination. 


Rosli Mansor

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