100 Percent Authentic Kelulut Honey from Warisan Tok Ri

Kelulut (stingless bee) honey is one of the widely used agro-product in traditional medication as an alternative treatment for various diseases, being rich in nutrition and beneficial to overall health.

With that realisation, cousins Muhammad Azri Samsunooor Anuar and Muhammad Syafiq, both 22, from Kampung Jermun, Kuala Kangsar, made it their inspiration to commercialise kelulut honey as an income source.

Both highly charismatic, these cousins possess individual qualities of successful entrepreneurship.

According to Syafiq, the business was visualised by his grandfather, Ahmad Basri and subsequently, his father, Hamidi, 66.

“My father was the main pillar of the enterprise, named ‘Kelulut Warisan Tok Ri’.

“My cousin and I continued the legacy based on similar interests and the belief that the business still has a hopeful future.

“What started as a beehive my father bought in 2015 with RM800, is now an enterprise with 400 buzzing beehives, possibly more.

“We didn’t expect the bees to reproduce in such a rapid manner. Perhaps the environment is conducive and contributed to that,” he said.

Syafiq also demonstrated a method to determine the authenticity of kelulut honey produced by their bees. 

First, pour honey onto a plate and then, add some water. Shake the plate a bit and the honey will form a propolis ring before dissolving completely. The propolis ring, a resinous mixture produced by honey bees, is an indicator of the honey’s authenticity.

Four subspecies of stingless bees are reared, which are geniotrigona thoracica, heterotrigona itama, lophotrigona canifrons and lepidotrigona terininata. Antigonon plants, which are dubbed ‘bridal tear flowers’, are available as a source of honey for the bees.

“Thanks to the fertile environment, honey collected twice per month reaches more than 80 kilogrammes. At times, the amount isn’t near enough for high demands from honey lovers in and out of Perak.

“Other than producing authentic kelulut honey, we also produce soaps, such as sidr honey soap, glutinous rice honey soap and propolis honey soap. They are traditionally made, which have multiple health and beauty benefits,” Syafiq added.

Get your authentic kelulut honey and soap products courtesy of Warisan Tok Ri now! Contact Syafiq at 010 270 0395 or Azri at 012 435 1846.


Rosli Mansor


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