Lost World of Tambun Closed Over the Course of CMCO

Following the government’s implementation of CMCO on Perak, the management of Sunway Lost World of Tambun (SLWOT) has decided to temporarily close the theme park from January 13 until January 26.

The action was taken after considering the importance of public health and to contain the COVID-19 pandemic transmission.

As a preventive measure in controlling the spread of COVID-19, SLWOT will be working hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and authorities by performing disinfection works at all visitor spaces.

Therefore, SLWOT will be extending the validity of purchased entrance tickets to the theme park and reservations of Lost World Hotel and Malayana Floating Villa via the original purchase channel.

For more information and guidelines, go to LWOT’s website at


Rosli Mansor


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