Expanded Top-Up Methods for Park@Perak App

Starting this month, top-up methods for the Park@Perak app are expanded, whereby users can now use Visa and Mastercard credit cards to do so.

According to the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, top-ups can also be done using e-wallets such as Touch N Go, Boost, GrabPay and Mcash.

“It is shown that the Park@Perak app has become the selected method to pay for parking charges around town by Ipohites.

“This was proven with nearly 50 percent increase of the app’s usage since its introduction back in 2019.

“Hopefully, this upgrade encourages more usage of the Park@Perak app in the whole state,” he said during a presentation of the council’s full board meeting at the designated conference hall today (February 26).

For inquiries, contact 05 249 4970 / 05 241 0563, head to the Parking Unit of Perak Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) or email


Rosli Mansor


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