Perak Medical Centre: Poliklinik WE CARE

Perak Medical Centre’s fifth clinic, “Poliklinik WE CARE” officially began operations on April 10. 

The event was officiated by the Perak State Director of the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), A. Anthony Arul Dass. The Managing Director of Perak Medical Centre, Dr. K. Supramaniam said that the clinic will be focusing on wound care together with general practice. The advanced wound care clinic will provide the latest forms of treatment by qualified doctors and nurses in wound care management.

“People who have diabetes can develop foot ulcers, especially senior citizens. Those who are on diabetic medication are at higher risk of developing a foot ulcer as well as other problems involving the kidney, eye and heart. Being overweight and consuming alcohol and tobacco also play a role in the development of foot ulcers. We must give importance to our foot hygiene and keep our feet clean at all times, as much as we give importance to our face,” said Dr. K. Supramaniam.

Poliklinik WE CARE is located at 6, Jalan Niaga Jelapang 1, Halaman Niaga Jelapang, Ipoh.

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