Help the Small Businesses: MOMO Infused Butter

Buttering Up to my Sourdough

By now most of my dear readers know how much I love sourdough, especially Ann Tan’s naturally leavened sourdough breads in its myriad guises: from focaccia to chocolate swirled loaves to Hainanese tall sandwich breads and a host of others.  

I eat them slathered with butter. Hitherto, my favourite butter has been Kerry Gold, an Irish butter that comes from grass-fed cows, but my affections are now being usurped by a new kid on the block.

Imagine slathering your sourdough not only with butter but herb-seasoned butter, already pre-portioned in 15g blocks where you can throw caution to the wind and use the whole chunk  (cholesterol be damned), or you can use them to flavour a whole host of simple dips and dishes especially in this time of pandemic where we are restricted to the home.  

The brainchild of three innovative non-cooks from KL who love butter, and who spent three months in R&D foisting their formulations on friends, family and anyone else willing to be guinea pigs, MOMO Infused Butter was finally launched in February of this year (2021). The product was so well received that it is now coming to Ipoh!

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