FEED Project – Lend a Hand for Anbu

By VN Pathma Devi, Head of MHS Perak State Welfare & Social Development

Malaysia Hindu Sangam Perak State Welfare & Social Development, with the support of Malaysia Hindu Sangam Perak State Council and in collaboration with Polyclinic Putra, inaugurated the ‘FEED – Lend a Hand for Anbu’ project on July 12 at Polyclinic Putra Bandar Baru. 

The economic impact of MCO 3.0 has affected a large number of low income families and hungry children. Through the FEED project, the underprivileged community can choose their own things to take home from the food bank set up at Polyclinic Putra Bandar Baru. MHS wishes to show their support and concern to those who are struggling to survive this difficult time, especially by putting a meal on their table every day.

Those who are interested in making a donation can contact (Mrs) Pathma Devi at 012-5061974 or (Mrs) Ummu Moosa at 012-5227924

The project was initiated by Pathma Devi, MHS Perak State Welfare Head, and assisted by Thamilselvam, Deputy Head of Welfare Section; Mr. Subramaniam, Assistant Secretary of MHS Perak State Welfare Section and Yasuantara, MHS Tg Rambutan LC Welfare Head. 

Also present were Dr Ragu, Captain Sarawanan and VN Mahesbari, State Women Section Head of MHS Perak. 

MHS Perak expresses their sincere appreciation to all of the sponsors. 


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