Elderly Appeals for Decaying House to be Repaired

An elderly person who lives alone in a decaying wooden house appealed for the residence to be repaired immediately for his own safety.

Chan Wai Leong, 60, who hails from Penang moved to Kampung Lata, Tambun about 40 years ago. 

His younger brother, Chan Chen Mun, 56, said he was worried for his brother’s safety as he is living by himself and has high blood pressure and hearing difficulties.

He said that his brother had tried applying for assistance from the Social Welfare Department (JKM) but the application was not successful.

“Before this, the house had been broken in by thieves. Fortunately, they did not attack my brother. 

“I’m also not living an easy life. In addition, since the Movement Control Order (MCO), my income as a blacksmith has been affected.

“However, I still try my best to help my brother as much as I can, like sending him food every day,” said him, who lives with his family elsewhere.

Chen Mun said the condition of the wooden house and faulty toilet could jeopardize his brother’s safety, especially during strong winds and heavy downpour.

“I hope this house can be fixed so that my brother can live in it safely,” he said. 

Wai Leong’s plight caught the attention of the Council Member of the Ipoh City Council (MBI), Dato’ Mazlan Abdul Rahman who discovered the matter through the Chairman of the Kampung Lata Chinese Community, James Cheang Chi Wah.

Mazlan donated basic foodstuff to the elderly under the MBI Prihatin (MBI Cares) Programme held recently.

According to him, his party will find a solution to the problem of the damaged house to ensure that Wai Leong can live in a comfortable and safe condition.


Rosli Mansor


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