Javior Your Fashion and Health Savior

Face masks have taken a fashionable turn besides protecting our health since they became a staple of our lives. 

If you are one who likes to mix and match your style, then look no further than Javior, as the Perak-based company offers you high quality in-style face masks without breaking the bank. 

Javior aims to bring colour to the monotony of the pandemic as a way to start afresh. Many of us would hunt high and low for a face mask that complements our outfits. Well, look no further as we have a local brand in our neighbourhood ready to provide us with skin-friendly and comfortable face masks.

With plans to create a series of affordable yet fashionable face masks that will go well with your style and at the same time protect you from COVID-19, its founders, Stephen Quah and Janet Lee said they want to establish trust with the people through the quality they deliver. 

What makes the brand stand out from the crowd is that the masks are lightweight and ultrathin, which makes them breathable. Javior also promises a more pleasant mask-wearing experience by offering masks with comfortable loops that are easy on the ears, as well as masks that loop behind the head.

“The ear string has higher durability and elasticity due to its rectangular shape. You wouldn’t feel any pressure even after prolonged hours of wear. However, it is recommended to change your masks every four hours. People with sensitive skin can be assured that they are safe from getting an allergic reaction as the material is hypoallergenic (skin-friendly).

“Our face masks have Mask Compression Technology which makes it ultrathin and regardless of its shape, the protection of BFE | PFE | VFE > 98 percent is secured,” she highlighted.

How did manufacturing of face masks begin?

Upon noticing the quality deterioration of face masks as the market grew, Stephen and Janet decided to take matters into their own hands to make a change. That is also what sparked the idea of building their very own brand, Javior. To ease the consumers’ concern, they make sure the standard of quality is on par with its safety.

You can easily find three types of Javior series at local pharmacies as well as online stores such as Shopee and Lazada. 

  • Basic series (3 ply – BFE | PFE | VFE >95%)
  • KF94 (4 ply – BFE | PFE | VFE > 98%)
  • KN95 (5 ply – BFE | PFE | VFE > 98%)

One can also try their luck by participating in their Chinese New Year contest. For more information, check out their Instagram or Facebook page

We want to spread the culture of Lao Sang by using this platform of contest so that the younger generation have a better understanding of its origin. Besides, we hope other ethnic groups in Malaysia will learn about how Lao Sang is part of Chinese culture. We believe communication and understanding is one of the key factors in bringing people together. We hope everyone will enjoy this Unboxing Video Contest as well as the chance for them to win a RM300 cash angpao,” Janet said. 


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