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Local Artists Shine with Artscape MY

Art is gaining in popularity as we witness a growing number of platforms ready to provide a space for those with an artistic flair.

An endless discovery of new tastes in art begins at Artscape MY, a non-profit organisation that allows talented up-and-coming artists to explore and exhibit their artistic endeavours. 

It was three years ago, in early January 2019, when Bryan Chui and Adeline Shatsala decided it was time they take matters into their own hands and founded Artscape MY after learning the value of preserving our rich and varied culture. 

Life can lose its flavour when the creative imagination is thwarted. Everyone needs to be given equal opportunities to leverage their talents regardless of their experience, age, gender and racial background. 

In Artscape’s latest charitable project, Open Frame Virtual Exhibition, 44 artists from around Malaysia including Sandra Rajoo, one of our very own Perakian, have engaged in this initiative to showcase their art pieces. 

Sandra displayed a great mastery in watercolour painting. The artist’s painting of zebras in the wild, titled “Striped Down” employed a negative painting in the background and foliage in contrast with the realism of the animals.

Among others are Chiayee Koh from Pahang who painted a self-portrait; Ena Meijien from Selangor who submitted a painting of Sungai Kooi Waterfall, Royal Belum; Teh Ming Yang from Penang with “Survival” and Premi Subramaniam from Kuala Lumpur with “Dream Mirage”.

Striped Down by Sandra Rajoo
Now What by Chiayee Koh
Sungai Kooi Waterfall, Royal Belum by Ena Meijien
Survival by Teh Ming Yang
Dream Mirage by Premi Subramaniam

“We are convinced that this initiative will encourage and support all local artists besides promoting and enriching arts and culture in all societies. Here at Artscape, we have a vision to work together with corporate entities, charitable foundations and public communities through targeted exhibitions and events, educational courses and workshops, charity and awareness campaigns. All for a better cause.

“More than half of the sales proceeds goes to the artist and 30 percent will be channelled to charitable foundations,” the founders, who have a background in education and IT, explained. 

The exhibited artworks curated by Eugene Nandakumar depict a blend of all types of styles consisting of abstract, surrealism, illustration and visual art. 

The curator highlighted that the interpretation and style reflects a distinct voice and the voices depend on where the artists come from; their background, culture, upbringing. In addition, artists express their style through various aspects using colours and compositions.

Submission was closed on March 3. However, if you are keen to learn more about Artscape MY, they will always welcome new and interested visitors. Check out their Facebook page


Gisele Soo


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