Stop Hanging Trash on Tree Branches and Fences

A total of 582 units of rubbish bins (120 litres) were distributed for free at Kampung Baru Buntong in conjunction with a programme promoting the habit of using the bins. 

City Secretary, Ahmad Munir Ishak said the habit of using rubbish bins should be practiced by every individual in the city to ensure the quality of a clean, beautiful and healthy environment.

“The habit of hanging trash on tree branches and fences needs to stop as it pollutes the view besides making rubbish collection work difficult.

“The allocation of cleanliness infrastructure by MBI alone is not enough if the residents do not participate in the matter of rubbish management which begins at home.

“MBI wishes to educate Ipohites towards the culture of caring for the environment. Zone 6 will set an example for all in the effort of instilling collective responsibility.”

Ahmad Munir added that the remaining 130,000 units of rubbish bins will be distributed in phases at other residential areas in a period of five years. 

“Rubbish bins need to be placed at the front of the house in the morning according to the set rubbish collection schedule. The waste also needs to be placed in a suitable plastic bag to be collected and disposed of.

“We hope Ipohites will join the Ipoh City Council (MBI) in practising the maximum use of rubbish bins to ease the process of residential waste disposal.”

Present were MBI Council Member for Zone 6, S.Jayagopi and MBI Deputy Health Director, S. Manisegaran. 


Rosli Mansor


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