Revealed: 5 Reasons Why Ipoh Is The Perfect Malaysian University Town For You

Congratulations, SPM 2022 leavers—you have marked another milestone after completing secondary school.

What’s next? If you are planning to study in Malaysia, it is time to start looking for the perfect college or university.

Of course, you are going to decide according to your programme. But the university’s location is a huge factor. It could determine whether you enjoy your university life to the fullest and save you from blowing your family’s budget.

Ideally, you will look for a fun, happening place with cheap living costs and good food, where you can get around safely and easily. Here are 5 reasons why Ipoh could be exactly what you are looking for.



  • Affordable Lifestyle


At the end of the day, money is a huge factor. Studying in Ipoh can seriously save you big bucks compared to bigger cities. It offers value for money, as you can enjoy all the perks of city life without breaking the bank.

Ipoh has a diverse array of exciting cultural, commercial and culinary attractions. Beautiful architecture and stylish modern commercial outlets? Yup.

A nationally-famed mixture of modern fusion cuisine and traditional delicacies? Check.

The best part?

Everything in town is 20 minutes away at most, so you save on travel costs. If you aren’t a local, there is a host of places for you to rent at a wallet-friendly price.

Universities like Quest International University provide hostel services and buses to send you to the campus and back after your classes. You can also find accommodation within walking distance to the campus.



  •  Exciting Off-Campus Life


As we mentioned above, Ipoh boasts a lot of hidden attractions that make for fantastic university life. The Lonely Planet listed it as one of the 10 best Asian destinations to visit, and one of the Top 3 Best Coffee Towns in Asia. And is there a better way to unwind after class than a strong cup of Ipoh white coffee?

If you prefer more current pursuits, you can immerse yourself in Ipoh’s shopping scene, cinemas and nightlife. And if you enjoy the quieter old-world charm, our museums, cave temples, and natural wonders like Gunung Lang and Tasik Cermin (Mirror Lake) are sights to behold. Even if your food craving strikes, you can conveniently satisfy your food desire at a nearby coffee shop or cafe. Perfecto!

While Ipoh evokes vibes of old-town, laid-back chill sessions at a friendly coffee shop, it also has a vibrant art and music scene. More intriguing cafes and events are popping up as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transportation hubs like the Ipoh railway station, the Amanjaya bus terminal and the Sultan Azlan Shah airport provide easy options for students to travel to their hometowns. Universities like QIU also provide transport to international airports like the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.



  • Quench Your Adrenaline Thirst While Studying


Have a heart for outdoor adventure? If you like being close to places you can explore, there are many great things to do and explore in the area during the holidays. You can wave goodbye to a dull semester break.

Starting off with the various recreational activities, there is a range of water-based activities such as whitewater rafting and kayaking in Gopeng—20 minutes away from Ipoh.

Slightly further away lie attractions like the pristine Pangkor Island, one of the world’s best-managed mangrove forest reserves in Matang, and one of the world’s oldest forests, Belum-Temenggor, which dates back to the age of the dinosaurs. All these are hours away by car and easily accessible.



  •  Diverse Community


Did you know that Ipoh is home to students from every state in Malaysia and over 30 nations around the world? And that’s just from QIU!

You can mingle with students from Europe, Africa, South Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East, all while enjoying the oh-so-Malaysian charm in the heart of Perak.

In university, you’re expected to learn in the classroom. But you also learn as much from the experiences you have and the connections you make during your time studying.

An international student body gives you the chance to understand global cultures.

In fact, there are opportunities for students to get a double degree in global technology-

leading nations like China, provided they join the right programmes when they are here.



  •  International Standards


Speaking of international, it is worth noting that more international students are choosing to study in Malaysia, an indication of how highly our education standards are viewed around the world.

At QIU, which has its campus in Ipoh, a tradition of winning national, regional and

international awards has been established by its students and academics. This is a result of teaching and learning strategies that are student-centred and experiential, involving active learning, case studies and problem-based learning (PBL) that equip you with the hands-on experience needed for your future endeavours.

While enhancing your soft skills, you will also be exposed to the practical aspects of things by experiencing first-hand how things really work outside—mentally and physically preparing students for the real world after graduation.

So what do you say, are you in? Ipoh Mali (come to Ipoh) then!

To find out more about QIU, check out its website at, contact or pop into its campus for a look-see. Merit-based scholarships of up to 100% are available (terms and conditions apply).

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  1. I would agree. Ipoh has a lot of amenities vs 10-15 years ago. While I personally prefer a slower pace, right now, Ipoh’s got a good mix of being a great place to live while also having access to products and facilities that you’d associate with more bustling cities. It’s one of the big reasons I moved back to Ipoh.

  2. Born and bred in Ipoh. It is not a sleepy hollow as presumed by many. Ipoh is proud to highlight the heritage of nature and ecology with greenery and limestone caves. If you seek for adventure Ipoh is the right choice. The panoramic features are an attraction not only to the locals but to the tourist. Historical buildings and local delicacies and cuisine are abundant with flavours of multicultural heritage. The pride of Ipoh are the street vendors and hawkers food.

  3. Agreed. It’s got a little of everything. Nature, culture and good food, as well as modern embellishments.

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