Mirror Lake: Discussion to be Held with New Concession Company

The Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin requested for a discussion to be held between the management of Tasik Cermin Tourism Sdn Bhd and the newly appointed concession company, Majuperak to resolve the issue of management at the Mirror Lake (Tasik Cermin), Simpang Pulai.

He said in response to the statement by the Development Director of Tasik Cermin Tourism Sdn Bhd (TCT), Siti Norlizawati Narawi, to continue the development plans at the location.

“Ipoh City Council (MBI) said that the contract of the concession company, (Mansion Machinery) previously appointed to manage Mirror Lake is automatically void when found to have violated the provision of the law.

“When the company was declared bankrupt, all the agreements were called off, including the operator appointed by Mansion Machinery.

“A new concession company, Syarikat Maju Perak, to manage the location has been appointed. And MBI will not get involved in the discussion on the management of Mirror Lake between the third party and Majuperak,” he told Ipoh Echo during an interview.

Rumaizi explained that Machine Machinery was wound up in July 2021, however, MBI was only informed in March this year.

“Since the contract of the first concession company is void, the decisions and agreements made previously are invalid.

“We hope the second concessionaire, Majuperak Holdings Bhd can come to a positive outcome with any parties that are interested in operating Mirror Lake.



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