Food Box Assistance Programme allocation of RM5.0 million

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

The Perak State Government increased the allocation of the Food Box Assistance Programme by RM2.0 million to RM5.0 million next year.

The programme will be coordinated by the Perak Foundation in line with the importance of science to improve the socioeconomic level of the people, the education agenda will continue to be one of the priorities of the State Government with the provision of RM21.4 million for the purpose of educational assistance at various levels of learning.

“In order to strengthen and solidify all the educational initiatives that have been mentioned just now, I am happy to inform you that the State Government will continue the Teacher Saarani Tuition Programme (TCS) which not only directly benefits primary, secondary and university students, but also teachers and parents.

“Upgrading and improving infrastructure facilities will be one of the main focuses of the state’s development in the coming year with an allocation of RM257.5 million for the purpose of governance of projects of interest to the state,” he said in the presentation of Perak’s 2023 Budget recently.

In addition, for the third focus, as much as RM162.6 million was spent on aspects of environmental sustainability, while for the fourth and fifth focuses, which touch on aspects of food security and human and youth capital development, respectively, allocations of RM55.0 million and RM21.6 million were made.

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