Ha Ha Ba Ba Seafood Shell-Out: A Fresh Delight at Green Green Restaurant & Cafe

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Seafood shell-out has become a prevailing trend in contemporary dining, with enthusiasts on the lookout for the best restaurants to indulge in this culinary experience.

Nestled in the tranquil setting of GreenAcres Retirement Village, Bandar Meru Raya, the Green Green Restaurant & Cafe not only offers a delightful seafood shell-out but also serves delectable Chinese Muslim dishes.

Amidst a serene atmosphere, away from the bustle of the city, the restaurant provides diners with the option to choose from five to eight types of affordable seafood.

The ‘Ha Ha Ba Ba’ seafood shell-out, apart from being sourced from fresh and generously sized marine produce, is curated by experienced chefs.

Jeff Lai, the Manager of Green Green Restaurant & Cafe, mentioned that ‘Ha Ha Ba Ba’ presents three special shell-out options in conjunction with the Perak Visit Year 2024, simultaneously celebrating the Chinese New Year.

“Ha Ha Ba Ba is a dish for all ethnicities. We prioritize the freshness of the food to maintain its authentic taste. It is prepared by experienced Malay chefs, Nur Ayuni Safawati and Mohd Hafizuddin.

“In addition, there are two shell-out choices, namely the Western Shell-Out and Vegetarian Shell-Out, priced as low as RM88.00 to RM599, depending on the package.

“For the Seafood Shell-Out, we offer five or eight types of seafood, including fish, crab, prawn, squid, mussel, lala, snail chisel, and prawn tempura.

“The Western Shell-Out presents menu options like Lambchop, Grilled Chicken chop, Fish & Chips, BB burger, Spaghetti, Salads, Meatball, Fried Chicken, Onion rings, and Sunny-side-up eggs.

“Meanwhile, the Vegetarian Shell-Out menu includes Vege Fish, Vege Chicken, Vege prawn, Tofu, Braised mushroom Tom Yum, Vege Zhai Ngor (goose), and Vege Cha Siew,” he explained.

The restaurant can accommodate nine large round tables for 90 guests at a time and 200 guests in the adjacent hall. Operating every day from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Jeff Lai welcomes guests to savour the tenderness of sweet and sour sea bass, a dish that pairs perfectly with steamed white rice.


“Do not miss the freshness and deliciousness of steamed lime clams, butter-fried crabs and prawns, combined with our chef’s unique paste mixture. It’s truly different and special compared to other restaurants.

“The public is encouraged to make early reservations for all available packages to ensure the quality and freshness of the dishes.

“We always ensure that what we serve aligns with your taste preferences and is worth your money,” he added.

Cendol Coffee

Another exceptional offering in this restaurant is Cendol Coffee. The enticing aroma of coffee, combined with cendol, red beans, coconut milk, and brown sugar, is sure to captivate your senses instantly, presenting a taste unlike any other.

“Cendol Coffee is exclusively available at Green Green Restaurant & Cafe. The genuine fragrance of freshly ground coffee, blended with cendol ingredients, is especially invigorating, particularly during this summer season.

“I boldly claim that you will regret not savouring the distinctive flavour of our culinary creation. This is a novel experience that you won’t encounter in Perak anywhere else but here,” he remarked.

For reservations for ‘Ha Ha Ba Ba’ and GGK CNY packages, please contact Olivia at 016 590 6635 – Green Green Restaurant.

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