Ipoh Parade 2024 CNY Talent Contest Presented a Dazzling Showcase

In conjunction with the festive celebrations of the Lunar New Year, Ipoh Parade recently hosted the 2024 CNY Talent Contest, transforming the mall into a stage for a captivating talent showcase.

Contestants, ranging from individuals to groups of up to eight, showcased their artistic flair in alignment with the New Year theme.

The competition brought together a total of 50 participants, presenting a diverse array of talents, including singing, dancing, diabolo, magic performances, 24-seasonal drums (8 people), and more. Participants, spanning the age spectrum from 7-year-old Lee Ze Xuan to 40-year-old Jack Wong, travelled from Klang, Penang, and Camerons to participate.

Participants from various backgrounds poured their hearts into their performances, with renditions of traditional Chinese New Year songs, innovative singing and dancing acts, as well as unconventional performances such as diabolo and magic shows.

Costumes, props, and makeup were carefully curated by contestants to ensure a flawless and integral performance. Some contestants even showcased their calligraphy skills live on stage, intertwining freshly written CNY couplets with their dances.

Professional judges, including Mdm Chong, Joseph Ng, and Alyson Chan, evaluated performances based on entertainment value, creativity, performance skills, technical difficulty, and overall presentation. Their valuable feedback provided contestants with insights and guidance.

Competition Results:

Champion: Bella (full name Dayang Nur Salsabilla Binti Awang Shahrizan), 15 years old (Kung Fu + Dance)
First Runner-up: Reynal Chong Wei An (Diabolo)
Second Runner-up: The Storytellers (Year End Blessing stories + dance) Liu Qianxin + Liu Qianmin
Consolation Prize: Breanne Ng (Dance), The Whone Drum 24 (24 Festival Drums), Miracles Group (Dance), Kimberly Ng (singing + dancing), Yap Ze Jun (Dance)

Bella, a Malay contestant, claimed the championship with a captivating fusion of kung fu and dance, winning the audience’s applause and judges’ favour with her festive New Year performance. Bella received cash and prizes totalling RM1,500. The first and second runner-up, Reynal Chong Wei An and sisters Liu Qianxin and Liu Qianmin, received cash and prizes worth RM1,000 and RM500, respectively. Consolation prize winners were each awarded prizes worth RM200.

“This competition marks our first Lunar New Year performance in a competitive format. Beyond enhancing the festive atmosphere, it added an element of excitement for both the audience and contestants,” shared Lim Huey Tyng, Manager of Ipoh Parade’s Advertising and Promotion Department. Generous prizes were sponsored by mall stores.

In addition to the competition, the public is invited to join upcoming celebrations at the mall, featuring:

27 & 28 January, 3 & 4 February, 10 – 12 February @3:00 pm
Double Lion Performance
God of Prosperity Mascot Appearance
Balloon Giveaway by Bicycle Clown

28 January & 4 February @3:00 pm
Chinese Paper Cutting Giveaway

From January 20 to February 4, shoppers can also enjoy exclusive CNY gifts at Ipoh Parade. With purchases of RM388 and above, in a maximum of two receipts from selected shops, shoppers are eligible to redeem an exclusive Ipoh Parade CNY Floral Pillow and one set of CNY Red Pack. Redemption is subject to terms and conditions.

Stay updated on event details and announcements by visiting Ipoh Parade’s official Facebook page at


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