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Noh Salleh visited Ipoh

Fans of Noh Salleh in Ipoh were finally given the chance to catch the singer live recently when he was in town as part of the Angin Kencang Road Tour where he performed at Gerbang Malam.

Ipoh was the fourth and final place for the tour after Johor, Melaka and Penang where he sang several songs from the newly repacked album, Angin Kencang, released earlier in August. He was initially supposed to visit Kedah however due to the passing of Sultan of Kedah, Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah on September 11, Noh and his team decided to skip the state as a sign of respect.

“It is always fun to come and perform in the north of Malaysia. There is something special about the northern states that make me keep on coming and I love the crowd in Melaka and Johor as well!,” said Noh. When asked about why he chose to perform in an open-air area, Noh believes in interacting with fans while performing.

“It has been a while since either Hujan (Noh’s band) and I performed live. In fact this is my very first official solo tour. Ever since Hujan was founded, we always loved interacting with our fans. I wanted to break the formality and gap between me and my audience,” added Noh.

The show began at 8.30pm and with over more than 300 in the audience crowding the area, Noh sang several songs from the repackaged album, such as Angin Kencang, Bunga Di Telinga, Sang Penikam and Renjana.

Although touring solo, he didn’t forget about his band, Hujan. Founded in 2005, Hujan was among the ‘It’ indie-rock bands that were making names among both underground and mainstream fans. During the tour, Noh also performed several hits by Hujan such as Aku Skandal, Bila Aku Sudah Tiada and Pagi Yang Gelap.

“It touched me the most when I met some of the audience during the tour who came from far away just to see me perform. Even today (in Ipoh) we have fans who took a two-hour train journey from Penang just to come to the show. I cannot thank these loyal fans enough,” Noh added.

Noh also hopes that he will have the chance to perform in more places and thanked Redbull and Warner Music Malaysia for sponsoring his tour.

“For this tour, I wanted to opt for a busking-session. Without the great support from Redbull that provided us with a special truck that comes complete with an awesome sound system and also Warner Music, none of this would’ve happened. Thank you everyone for supporting and for giving me such a great and memorable experience,” said Noh.

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