Free Water for Perakeans

Access to clean and free water will be given soon to those in need. This was promised by Perak Menteri Besar, Ahmad Faizal during a breaking-of-fast dinner on Tuesday, May 29 in Manjoi.

If the state government makes good this promise, would it be a step forward for Perak? Here are the views of Ipohites with regard to the matter.

“Free water is good and will benefit the people of Perak,” said Suren, a self-employed youth. He feels that access to free water will make an enormous difference to low-income families. “I spend RM6 every two months on my water bill.  That may not amount to much but to those earning below RM1000 a month, RM6 is a lot. It keeps me full for one whole day. I’d be real happy if the MB follows up on his promise,” Suren remarked.

“Water is a necessity and it’s the right of the people,” said a delighted Fendy “We spend about RM10 every two months. I’m sure the government can afford to absorb the amount.

Plus, the water department need not send its staff out to check water metres. It’ll save cost. I hope the state government doesn’t stop just there. There’re plenty more it can do,” he insisted.

“That’s good news,” said 60-year-old Selvaraj, a pensioner. “This has been implemented in Selangor, so why not Perak? This is why we voted in a new government in Perak. I look forward to changes based on Pakatan Harapan’s manifesto.”

There is nothing definite as yet. Nonetheless, it has gotten many Ipohites excited. Hopefully, things will look brighter in the weeks and months to come.

If people in Selangor get to enjoy free water, free electricity, free tuition, free Wi-Fi and other perks, it is only proper that similar privileges be accorded to Perakeans.

The fate of the rakyat has changed following the May 9 elections, which saw the ouster of a political party that has been in power for over 60 years.

Perakeans’ expectations are high. However, since our nation’s debts are in excess of RM1 trillion, we need not be so jubilant after all.  Nonetheless, the rakyat have risen to the occasion by donating to Tabung Harapan initiated by the Finance Ministry on Thursday, May 31. It is the responsibility of every Malaysian to help the country in its time of need.

Joshua Jocob

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