Coaching Corner: Finding Your Purpose

By Able Coach

Dr Shan Narayanan

What led Thomas Edison to discover the light bulb?  What drove Malala Yousafzai to find the strength to launch a campaign for the rights of girls and women in Pakistan? What has made me persistent in what I want to achieve despite the numerous obstacles I have faced. The force that has driven us is the strong sense of purpose.

Many of us are at a loss. We do not know what we were born to do. We struggle to know our role; we tend to do things at a spur of the moment then reverse our decision. We tend to develop temporary motivation, which fades as fast as it developed. We then feel disappointed, frustrated and become lost again. I have gone through this cycle many times myself.

It all changed when, I decided to “stop” and look at myself objectively. Why am I lost? How can I consolidate my energy and ability to move forward consistently?

I asked myself repeatedly and searched deep within me, “Why am I lost”? An awareness aroused from within that I was filled with the past, what others thought about me and having many questions about “what I should be doing.” I was so perplexed with these that I saw no light…..I mean the guide light….that is my purpose.

What is my purpose/ How do I find my purpose? These questions made me realise:

 It is not about being right or wrong. It has nothing to do with what my parents and children thought. It has nothing to do with being rich, respected, or famous. It’s not even about what you want or desire. Instead, my life purpose emanates clearly from my mind once I “let go” of the past, others and “I shoulds”. It was immense work to clear the mind. I was determined and succeeded.

This filled me with love and brought a lot of peace within me. It switched on the light that gave me clarity to find my purpose.

It became clear my purpose was to serve, thus doing whatever task I am at, meticulously with utmost discipline, dedication and commitment. I look at criticisms positively as feedbacks and I did not let praises to get to my head. This opened a world of possibility and of course the evolution to Shan 2.0 evolving on to become Shan 3.0.

It is our choice to make sense of our experiences both good and difficult, to live in the present and move forward in life consistently.

For those of you out there, who are finding your purpose, firstly you need to realise and feel the need for a purpose. There is no right or wrong. It is about you and how you wish to express yourself. Let go, live in the present, let your creativity reign, the answers to what your purpose will come from within yourself.

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