MBI Allocated Over RM50,000 to Aid the Needy

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) had implemented over 15 projects under the MBI Prihatin (MBI Cares) programme and corporate social responsibility (CSR) with an allocation of more than RM50,000 to aid the needy, especially the urban poor. 

Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud stated that to date, the local authority (PBT) has spent over RM15,000 for the MBI Prihatin programme alone.

According to him, the project is carried out continuously such as those under the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) with the aim to lessen the burden of the less fortunate. 

“As a new policy of the federal and state government, we (MBI) implemented a smart partnership with Econsave, Speedmart and several other companies. The smart partnership is hoped to reduce the burden of the people, especially those living in the city of Ipoh.

In a related development, Rumaizi explained that the MBI not only channels aid directly to the targeted group, it also provides other facilities via collaboration with the private sector. 

“For example, in certain areas, we develop the roads, drains, houses and others, with the overall value of aid worth millions under the smart partnership project.

In conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri, he presented aid in the form of daily necessities sponsored by Econsave Jelapang worth RM2,000 and duit raya by MBI at Pertubuhan Pusat Jagaan Anak-anak Yatim Al-Harraz (a welfare home) under the MBI Prihatin programme yesterday (May 9).

Present were Manager of Econsave Jelapang, Shah Effendy Rosman, Manager of the welfare home, Norizan Razali and staff members of the supermarket.


Rosli Mansor



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