D-MBI@Ipoh, MBI’s Digital Platform Upgrades to Version 3.0 

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) is the first local authority (PBT) in Perak to upgrade its digital platform, D-MBI@Ipoh Gerbang Digital MBI to an online single platform system up till version 3.0. 

Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said the evolution of the system began since 2012 with the “e-Semak & e-Cetak” system followed by the “eBayaran@MBI” system in 2013.  

“In 2021, MBI has developed the D-MBI@Ipoh system. Via this system, MBI has successfully collected a revenue of RM37,813,424.90 with 399,160 transactions via the ‘e-Semak & e-Cetak’ and ‘eBayaran@MBI’,” he explained during the virtual launch of the upgrade on the Facebook page of MBI today (October 11).

Rumaizi stated that D-MBI@Ipoh has been given a fresh look with new functions which are more comprehensive, flexible, real-time and with increased safety levels. 

Besides that, payment via eWallet has been improved in the D-MBI@Ipoh system to provide convenience to users making payments other than using internet banking. He added that MBI once again has ensured its online system is relevant following the current trend. 

The system utilizes a single platform where it enables users to use various services and make multiple payments using only one user account. 

“It can be accessed using various devices like smartphones, tablets and computers,” he expressed. 

He pointed out that the platform has a responsive design and is user-friendly.

The development of the D-MBI@Ipoh system involved two phases. In phase 1 (financial), a total of three functions were developed: Check Bill (assessment tax, licence, rental, compound and other bills), Payment (receives status of payment in real time) and Payment Receipt (prints bill). 

Under phase 2 (non-financial), three categories of MBI services will be developed: Licence and Business, Community and Developer & Supplier. These three categories will have 15 menu options; among them are eLesen, MyNorisk, MyAduan, hall rental, eSupplier and more.

The upgrade will be continued according to current needs in order to achieve the vision of a Digital Community by 2025. 

“The evolution is in line with current technological development where one account is used for various payments and services. Some of the services provided are non-risky premises licence application, temporary trader permit application, advertising board licence application and booking for MBI’s facilities,” he shared.

Users only need to register for an account using their IC to obtain the convenience of various payments and services without the need to be present at MBI counters.

For those who have previously registered on the Single Sign On (SSO) MBI account, you may use the existing ID and password to access. 

D-MBI@Ipoh is a digital platform of MBI aimed to provide the best service to Ipohites at one’s fingertips whenever and wherever. 


Rosli Mansor


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